security guard

"I sit here in this c0ld dark night wishing that s0me1 w0uld b here bside me 2 take me out of my l0neliness and misery".

(Night shift)

you may not be perfect

YOU may not
be perfect
in many things..

but many things cannot be perfect without YOU.

Continue being a blessing to others.
Gud am & god bles.รน.

pass this heart

.@@,     ,@@.
@      @      @
  @.        .@
Pass Dis HEART 2 All ur love & Also 2 ME.
If 5 Come Back.
U'll Get A Big
Surprise on VALENTINES DAY!!

Learn to write your hurts

Learn to write your hurts in sand where waves of forgiveness can erase them easily;

but carve your blessings in rocks so no one can wash them away..: GDAM!

healthy heart

should mean:

Allow God to heal our hearts from past wounds, insults,
pains& grudges


Pasaload lang ang bayad

Sa jip:
Guy: (kuot2x sa bulsa, ngita sinsilyo)
Girl: (nisibog gamay)
Guy: Miss, naa kay piso?
Girl: (duha2x) Umm... naa, ngano diay?
Guy: Mang hiram unta ko. Kulang man gud ug piso akong sinsilyo kay nitaas ang pamasahe. Bayaran lang ta ka unya.
Girl: unsaon man nimo pag bayad?
Guy: Pwede mangayo ug number nimo? Pasaload na lng akong bayad.

ISTOY!!! hahaha.